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Brand new product!

We love animals, so we developed a new feeding-system. Feed your cats and dogs easily, fast and clean!

What is Snap&Feed?

Snap&Feed is new feeding-system, with which the individual pet-food portionpacks (that you can find in every market) are set in a bowl holder designed for such purpose, from where your pet will be directly fed. In this way you won't need to open individual packs as alu-portions or bags, serve the content in a separate feeding bowl, nor wash spoons or those bowls, never again.
From now on, just Snap&Feed.


We produce the pack holders, not the pet food.


Set pet food in the holder. When it's finished, throw the empty pack and insert a new one.


Choose among different colours and let your little friend's name engraved on it.

We are there

Contact us in case you have questions/suggestions.

We love pets

Our pets enjoy being fed from our pack holders.

  • Holders for cat and dog food
  • They eat their fill.
  • Perfect for travelling with your pets!

And pets love our products

Our products were designed, to make your nowadays more comfortable.

  • Suitable for 100g- or 90g- standard aluminium packs
  • No need of an extra bowl or spoon
  • 4 Anti-slip feet and 2 Finger slots for an easy and clean handle
  • The holders are suitable for dishwashers
  • The empty packs can be used as water bowls or as bowls for other pet food

Squared holders are already available in different colours on Amazon


Get all the advantages of our holders and feed your pets easily!

Holders for cat and dog food packs

Choose among different colours

She tested our holders and she loves them!

Suitable for 100g- or 90g- standard aluminium packs

4 Anti-slip feet and 2 Finger slots for an easy and clean handle

We are constantly checking if everything is correct on our production

No need of cleaning after every use, however, they are suitable for dishwashers

Perfect for travelling with your pets!

Snap&Feed stand at the Interzoo 2016 trade fair

No need of an extra bowl or spoon

The empty packs can be used as water bowls

More and more cats are fed out of our holders. Wanna have one too?

Let your little friend's name engraved on it. Write us!

We are on Amazon Launchpad!

New Snap&Feed bayonet-system

Just Snap&Feed!

How does it work?

Cat feeding from individual packs 88x88 mm squared.

  • Further shapes for different packs are being developed.
  • Feed your pets easily, fast and clean with Snap&Feed!

"Time spent with cats is never wasted."

Sigmund Freud


Standard bowl holders / Squared 88x88

Available colours: Red, white, blue, orange, yellow, green, lilac, turquoise, black.

Read PDF

Buy now!

Do you want to have the name of your pet on the bowl holder?
Then send us an e-mail with the amount and desired colour of the holder such as the name of your pet(s) and your address at:

We'll then send you a non-binding price information.

Standard bowl holders / Further shapes

Bowl holders for further shapes and sizes are being developed.

Read PDF

Bayonet bowl holder / Optimised Version

We have developed a new PP-pack from where the cats can be even better fed and the packs can be tighter hold into the holder.

Read PDF

  • With bayonet-closing so the pack holds tighter into the holder
  • Also with anti-slip feet for a safer standing
  • Round, spherical shape for optimal feeding
  • Cats love it! Check our video out

What media says

Geliebte Katze (August 2017)
"Füttern ohne Kleckern". Read article as PDF (German).

ZZA. Zoologischer Zentral Anzeiger (June 2017)
"Ersetz den Futternapf". Read article as PDF (German).

Das Branchen Forum Zoo & Garten (May 2017)
"Nass füttern - ohne zu kleckern". Read article as PDF (German).

Katzen Fieber Blog (March 2017)
"Snap&Feed Napfhalter". Read article in Blog (German). (December 2016)
"Einfach und sauber füttern". Read article as PDF (German).

What our clients say

Thank you @snapandfeed for the holders! We are amused. A holder for food packs, super cool idea!
Worsti, on Instagram

We have tested both types of holders and have had without exception a good impression. I came up with the idea that this combination is particularly good for exhibition and journeys with your cat: you don't need to wash any bowls. The weight and stability of the plastic holders are also a bonus in luggage.
Miriam, on Katzen-Fieber Blog

Mummy please open my food! Just set the food pack into the holders & our Worsti can be fed, much more hygienic & it saves work!
Worsti, on Instagram

The Snap&Feed bowl holder is a really cool innovative idea, that (for people who use alu-packs) saves some time. Suki has immediately accepted the new bowl and eaten from it. The use is completely easy. Me and my cats love this new system and I sure recommend it.
Julia K., on Instagram

Twix and Bagger found them great and both have clearly opted for the yellow bowl. To sum up, great item!
Bagger and twix, on Instagram

The Snap&Feed bowl holder provides a quick and clean feeding. It's ideal for travels and for people who buy pet food in alu-packs. I find the holders really convenient above all, because I almost always buy the wet food in those squared packagings. I'm very satisfied. The idea is great.
Julani - time to test, on Facebook

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